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The Mark Buchter Memorial Neighborhood Leader Award

The Neighborhood Leadership Award was created by the Community Design Center in 1995 (now the Center For Neighborhoods) in memory of Mark Buchter, a rising star in both his neighborhood and in public service who was killed earlier that year resisting a burglary at his home.  In honor of Mark, The Community Design Center (Center For Neighborhoods) created the Neighborhood Leadership Award to recognize leaders, like Mark, who demonstrate unusual courage and determination in promoting neighborhood good.

Award Recipients

  • Carolyn Mack-Luton - 1995
    A founder of Louisville’s neighborhood block watch movement, honored by President Bill Clinton during a visit to Louisville in 1995
  • Mark Buchter - 1995
    Vice chair of the Portland Development Organization and dedicated neighborhood advocate
  • Earl Buehner – 1998
    Chair, Smoketown/Shelby Park Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO).  A neighborhood servant and community builder.
  • Roy Ricketts – 1998
    Louisville East Community Development Corporation
    A founding board leader of Metro Louisville’s most effective community housing development organization.
  • Rose and Fred Nett –2001
    Old Louisville.  Long-time leaders of the revitalization of Old Louisville, both possessing a profound commitment to social justice and to grassroots democracy.
  • Alan Scherer –1996
    President, Deer Park Neighborhood Association.  As president, Alan’s leadership contributed greatly to the rise of one of Louisville’s most effective neighborhood organizations.
  • Diana Newton –2003
    SCAN - Southwest Community Neighborhood Association
    Diane Newton first got involved in her neighborhood when she became concerned that Southwest Jefferson County was becoming a dumping ground for bad development.  Her passion and neighborhood pride quickly led her to organize a coalition of subdivisions and homeowners associations from throughout the Southwest County.  Known as SCAN – the Southwest Community Association of Neighborhoods – Diane was instrumental in organizing neighborhoods to have a voice and political clout that they’d never before enjoyed.  Rather than complaining about being shut out, Diane brought people together to expect their fair share – a demand that at times has resulted in resistance and grief from different quarters, expected and unexpected.
  • Theresa Stanley – 2003
    BRADD - Brownsboro Road Area
    Theresa Stanley is the leader of BRADD, a group organized to promote smart growth along the Brownsboro Road corridor of eastern Jefferson County.  Theresa is most recognized for her effective advocacy on behalf of good planning and neighborhood preservation.  She is less known, however, as a champion for individual property owners residing in the path of new development, working as a volunteer advocate to ensure that the property rights of those with little voice are equally protected.  She has become a resource to neighborhoods all over Jefferson County as someone who can help a neighborhood to organize and respond effectively to a major zoning issue.  Her humble manner and sense of humor stand in contrast to her determination to promote development that is well-planned, and that is good for its neighbors and for the community at large.
  • Meme Sweets Runyon
    CARR Receiving Award
    CARR - Concerned Alliance of Russell Residents  - 2004
    Mahdi Muhammad and Robert Bell
  • Michael O'Leary – 2005
    Clifton Community Council
  • Ellen O'Leary – 2005
    Oakdale Neighborhood Association

  • Gary Allen - 2007
    President of the Schnitzelburg Area Community Council.
    Gary has dedicated himself to years of service and leadership in the Schnitzelburg neighborhood. His notable contributions include running a neighborhood yard sale that raises money for the association, organizing the 37 year old historical Dainty Contest next to Hauk's Grocery on Goss Avenue, and running The Number One Citizen's Dinner which is a major sit-down dinner that recognizes an extraordinary citizen in the neighborhood. Additionally, Schnitzelburg Area Community Council (under Gary's leadership) is establishing a senior community center in the former St. Elizabeth Catholic School building on Burnett Street, which closed in 2005.

    Gary at the 2006 Dainty Contest

    Watch the short video (below) about the St. Elizabeth Senior Community Center being established by the Schnitzelburg Area Community Council.

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