Gordon Lowe of Germantown/Paristown Pointe and Anna Wooldridge of Shelby Park participating in a Graduate Seminar for Neighborhood Institute alumni on the topic of getting organized in your neighborhood.


Goal of Organizing:
Organize, nurture and promote resident and family networks for community improvement and results.

Organizing as it relates to Planning and Development:
Encourage neighborhoods to enact their strategies and plans for community improvement.  Serve as a catalyst for residents, families, neighborhoods, public institutions and local government coming together in effective collaborations for results that benefit the community.

Residents of Candlelight discuss their neighborhood while looking at a map during the neighborhood assessment project.
Development of the Candlelight neighborhood action matrix during the neighborhood assessment project.

Organizing as it relates to Learning:
Teach processes and practices to increase and improve resident participation in neighborhood and civic life, and to increase the capabilities and productivity of neighborhood-based organizations.

Non-Profit Housing Development
Group work session during thespring 2005 CHDO Train and Sustain class.


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