Planning & Development
Planning & Development

Planning & Development

Center for Neighborhoods has an extensive background in the areas of community planning, urban design, land use planning, streetscape/physical design, historic preservation, housing, adaptive reuse, districts & corridors, and the processes of facilitating a broad range of stakeholder input (residents, business, government). The map (below) illustrates the geographic areas within Metro Louisville for which Center For Neighborhoods has produced various types of community plans. Click here for a full sized, zoomable map (PDF).

Goal of Planning and Development
Assist neighborhoods to articulate common goals and purposes and to envision places and functions that respond to resident needs and aspirations.

Cover of the Old Louisville neighborhood plan, which has been approved by the Planning Commission and Metro Council. 
Cover page of the Belmar neighborhood snapshot.  Neighborhood snapshots are the final reports produced at the end of a neighborhood assessment project.
Belmar residents participating in the neighborhood assessment project.  During the public workshop, residents vote using a system of colored dots which helps to prioritize and build consensus around their goals and action items.
Cover page of the Preston Corridor Improvement Plan.  Center For Neighborhoods (formerly the Louisville Community Design Center) worked on this project in association with the Metropolitan Development Authority (MDA) and was assisted by the Preston Corridor Task Force (PCTF).  Community work sessions were held to determine the needs and opinions of neighbors and businesses regarding the enhancement & revitalization of the Preston Corridor.  The Corridor extends along Preston Highway from Eastern Parkway to the Watterson Expressway.

Planning and Development as it relates to Organizing:
Encourage neighborhoods to enact their strategies and plans for community improvement.  Serve as a catalyst for residents, neighborhoods, public institutions and local government coming together in effective collaborations for results that benefit the community.


Planning and Development as it relates to Learning:
Research, discover, and learn -- with residents, neighborhoods and neighborhood stakeholders, students, local government and public institutions -- best practices and collaborative approaches to neighborhood and community revitalization.



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