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Brownfields Institute

Brownfields Institute
An unusual convergence of residents, developers, real estate investors, environmentalists, public agency representatives, neighborhood institutions, business and property owners are convening through 2009 to examine the assets, possibilities, and barriers in revitalizing the Park Hill Industrial Corridor and surrounding neighborhoods area.

In partnership with the Metropolitan Development Authority’s Industrial Development program, the University of Louisville’s Center for Environmental Policy and Management, CFN is facilitating a series of stakeholder engagement activities. 

The purpose: To create a vision and the public will for action for the Parkhill Industrial Corridor, an area roughly bounded by Algonquin Parkway, Broadway, and 9th and 22nd Streets.

Funded by a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant, the three agencies collaborate to build community knowledge and foster community participation in brownfield revitalization within the corridor. 

The 2005-2006 activities included a 9-part series of workshops that provided opportunities to talk with and learn from the brownfields experts, to learn about and participate in community building, to tour the area by bus, and to create a mission statement and vision for the area.    Following the workshop series, participants were invited to plan three summer sessions to dig deeper into topics of most interest.   Participants were also asked for recommendations on the curriculum and structure for the 2006-2007 activity series.  

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