First Graduating Neighborhood Institute Class, 1987

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  • C.H.D.O. - Community Housing Development Organization. Also known as non-profit housing developers.
  • C.F.N. - Center For Neighborhoods. A non-profit community-based organization serving the neighborhoods of Louisville and Southern Indiana.
  • I.P.L. - Inspections, Permits, and Licenses. A department of Louisville Metro government charged with promoting public health and safety through the enforcement of the Metro Property Maintenance code, Land Development Code, and Kentucky Building/Residential Codes. The Department of Inspections, Permits and Licenses (IPL) issues permits and performs inspections for property owners, business owners, and contractors who own property, build new construction or do renovation on older buildings.
  • N.I. - Neighborhood Institute. A 12-week neighborhood leadership program for residents of Louisvilel and Southern Indiana.
  • T.N.Z.D. - Traditional Neighborhood Zoning District. Defined in the Land Development Code, Chapter 2 "Zoning", see page 158 in the following PDF:


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