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The Greening of Louisville - A Developing Local Public Policy Platform based on Global Sustainability
The mission of The Greening of Louisville is to provide non-partisan leadership promoting sustainability principles as the measure of all governmental decisions and actions. The Greening of Louisville advocates sustainability, influences local public policy, elections and legislation, lobbys, educates, endorses, mobilizes and campaigns, invites participation from Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Greens, Libertarians, businesses, non-profits, and individuals. SUSTAINABILITY is that level of equitably shared human activity that Earth can support indefinitely. Our current level of human activity exceeds that level. This is a self destructive course and must be changed immediately. The issue of our time is Global Sustainability, and though global, it is the issue of every locale. The global and the local are inextricably linked. Global Sustainability is Louisville's issue.

LEED for Neighborhood Development - US Green Building Council
The LEED for Neighborhood Development Rating System integrates the principles of smart growth, urbanism and green building into the first national system for neighborhood design. LEED certification provides independent, third-party verification that a development's location and design meet accepted high levels of environmentally responsible, sustainable development.

Currently in its pilot period, LEED for Neighborhood Development is a collaboration among USGBC, the Congress for the New Urbanism and the Natural Resources Defense Council.  The pilot program is no longer accepting projects.  The post-pilot version of the rating system, which will be available to the public, is expected to launch in 2009.

Sustainable Clifton - Louisville's own Clifton Neighborhood is participating in the LEED for Neighborhood Development Pilot Project
This website is the homepage/blog of the Sustainable Clifton initiative. It serves to document what is going on in the neighborhood, the steps the neighborhood is taking to achieve LEED certification, and the programs and events associated with the effort.

Sustainability Education - Community Based Sustainability Education and Certification
The weblog for the Program in Community Sustainability of the Adena Center at Webster University .

ENPowered Home - Green Building Consultant based in Louisville
ENPowered Home consultant Matt Martin , will make a personal evaluation of a structure. From window orientation, insulation, and energy use, to electricty waste, heating and cooling efficiency, and technology adaptation to lower your environmental impact and save you money.

Growing Louisville... Green - Movement for the Greening of Louisville
Growing Louisville.... Green is meant to be a movement, and community involvement program for the entire city. By bringing together Industry, Government and Community with a mindset of sustained and environmentally sound growth, we hope to create the next generation of policy and action for us all.    

Sustainable Ballard Festival - A Seattle Neighborhood's Annual Sustainability Festival
Sustainable Ballard fosters new awareness of the importance of community connections and meaningful sustainability in response to excess energy dependence and consumption, and the depletion of key resources. Sustainable Ballard conducts workshops, public events, writes reports and research articles, and provides design and planning services, for community education. Sustainable Ballard seeks to empower local citizens to become leaders in collective community self-reliance and autonomy.

Bob / Green - Green Building
Learn about constructing a more energy efficient home with Bob Vila, including information about working with composite materials, building more efficient windows, watch video tours of energy efficient buildings, and more.

Crossroads Resource Center - Neighborhood Sustainability Indicators Project
Urban Ecology Coalition, Minneapolis - 1997 to present. Purposes: 1) To assist Minneapolis neighborhoods/communities that seek to become more sustainable
to develop indicators to assess progress toward their own sustainability goals. 2) To encourage the City of Minneapolis to adopt resident-defined indicators of neighborhood sustainability as official neighborhood indicators. Get a free copy of the Neighborhood Sustainability Indicators Guidebook.

Earth University - Private, international, non-profit university dedicated to education in the field of agricultural sciences and the rational use of natural resources.
MISSION - Prepare leaders with ethical values to contribute to the sustainable development of the humid tropics and to construct a prosperous and just society.
VISION - Our actions are directed towards building a future in which the humid tropics and its communities achieve social, economic and environmental well being.

Barefoot College -Working for ecological and sustainable solutions for the global poor.
The College addresses problems of drinking water, girl education, health & sanitation, rural unemployment, income generation, electricity and power, as well as social awareness and the conservation of ecological systems in rural communities.The campus spreads over 80,000 square feet area and consists of residences, a guest house, a library, dining room, meeting halls, an open air theatre, an administrative block, a ten-bed referral base hospital, pathological laboratory, teacher's training unit, water testing laboratory, a Post Office, STD/ISD call booth, a Craft Shop and Development Centre, an Internet dhaba (cafe), a puppet workshop, an audio visual unit, a screen printing press, a dormitory for residential trainees and a 700,000 litre rainwater harvesting tank. The College is also completely solar-electrified and serves a population of over 125,000 people both in immediate as well as distant areas.


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